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Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Execution Context Guidelines

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Date Published
April 2014
28 pages
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This guidelines document provides a set of infrastructure elements, process entities, policy assertions, and agreements that are identified as a crucial part of a specific, real interaction between a service and the consumer.


This document’s purpose is to elaborate on the concept of execution context as defined in the Global Reference Architecture (GRA) by providing guidelines to practitioners that oversee the implementation of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) regarding the implementation of infrastructure. The guidelines provided by this document can be used to plan for the acquisition of hardware and software for organizations adopting the GRA; as such, they apply to infrastructure that provides elements of GRA execution context for services. For something to conform to these guidelines, it must do two things: fit within the definition of “infrastructure” as defined in the document, and adhere to the constraints specified in each guidelines. The document provides a graphical overview of the concepts, high-level components, and relationships in the GRA Framework; an overview of the concept behind the content presented in the document; implementation guidelines for infrastructure to support reachability, willingness, awareness, awareness, and intermediaries; operational considerations; and incremental deployment of common services infrastructure. It also includes a glossary, list of references, and document history.

Date Published: April 1, 2014