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Global Reference Architecture (GRA) Web Services Service Interaction Profile Version 1.3

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30 pages
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This document aims to establish a Web services, service interaction profile based on the Web services family of technology standards; it is meant to serve as a guideline for exchanging information among consumer and provider systems; and it defines how a consumer system should send identity and other information about a human to a service.


This Web services service interaction profile (WS SIP) is intended to serve as a guideline for sharing information among consumer and provider systems by satisfying the service interaction requirements laid out in the Global Resources Architecture (GRA) Specification document. It can serve as a reference or starting point for implementers to use in defining their own Web Services Service Interaction Profiles, however it does not guide interaction between humans and services. The first section of the document introduces the document’s purpose, including usage and namespace references; the second section includes conformance requirements; section three, the main section, presents the service interaction requirements, with subsections including Service Consumer Authentication, Service Consumer Authorization, Identity and Attribute Assertion Transmission, Service Authentication, Message Nonrepudiation, Message Integrity, Message Confidentiality, Message Addressing, Reliability, Transaction Support, Service Metadata Availability, and Interface Description Requirements. The fourth section describes message exchange patterns, including one-way as well as request-response patterns, faults, and publish-subscribe patterns; the fifth section covers message definition mechanisms; and the sixth section provides a summary of requirements conformance targets. Sections seven through nine provide a glossary, references, and document history.

Date Published: January 1, 2011