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Inmate Release Information (IRI) Service Specification, Version 1.0

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9 pages
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This Service Specification package provides the files and documents necessary for stakeholders to gain an understanding of the Inmate Profile and Release Information Service and the rules applicable to its implementation; the main components of the Service Specification are the Service Description and Service Interface Description documents, artifacts and schema folders with related files, and metadata files.


The Service Description Document (SDD) provides stakeholders with all aspects of the Inmate Profile and Release Information (IRI) that are not directly tied to the physical implementation of the service; it provides a formal description of the capabilities made available through the service. The Service Interface Description Document (SIDD) is a complementary document to the SDD and provides a description of the service’s physical implementation. The purpose of the IRI Service Specification is to provide requesting agencies, such as fusion centers and other criminal justice entities, with the IRI from corrections organizations in a systematic and efficient manner. The main components of the Service Specification package include the SDD, SIDD, and the schemas and samples used to test the service.

Date Published: January 1, 2009