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Information Sharing Environment-Suspicious Activity Reporting (ISE-SAR) Functional Standard

NCJ Number
Date Published
August 2023
36 pages
Publication Series

This issuance is designed to support the sharing, throughout the Information Sharing Environment (ISE), of information about suspicious activity, incidents, or behavior that have a potential terrorism nexus.


This issuance serves as the updated Functional Standard (FS) for Information Sharing Environment-Suspicious Activity Reporting (ISE-SARs) and is one of a series of Common Terrorism Information Sharing Standards (CTISS). Although this document is limited to describing the ISE-SAR process and associated information sharings, information in this issuance may support other ISE processes to include alerts, warnings, notifications, situational awareness reporting, and terrorist watchlisting. This ISE-FS applies to all departments or agencies that possess or use terrorism or homeland security information, operate systems that support or interface with Ise, or otherwise participate in the ISE. The full ISE-SAR information exchange contains five types of supporting technical artifacts; this document provides details of implementation processes and other relevant reference materials.

Date Published: August 9, 2023