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Intimate Partner Abuse Solution Programs: Identifying High-Priority Needs Within the Criminal Justice System for Programs Focused on Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

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The authors of this report convened a panel of experts to examine the needs of programs called intimate partner abuse solution (IPAS) programs, which were first developed in the 1970s and have historically been referred to as “batterer intervention programs.”


Despite widespread adoption and use of IPAS programs by court systems and communities around the United States, there remains inconsistent and limited information on their effectiveness. The panel that is the focus of this report conducted a three-session virtual workshop that discussed the program’s challenges and solutions,  identifying 33 high-priority needs that cover four major areas: 1) content covered in current IPAS programs; 2) program implementation; 3) connections between IPAS programs and criminal justice and community entities; and 4) challenges in conducting rigorous research on IPAS programs. Ten key findings on IPAS programs are reviewed, followed by 10 recommendations. One of the recommendations is that data from previous studies be reviewed and pooled, with additional studies conducted to determine whether programs worked for certain groups of individuals. A second recommendation is that rigorous research be conducted that includes outcomes that focus on recidivism, survivor responses, and the measurement of outcomes most relevant to survivors. Also, research should determine the impacts of program logistics on participation, including best practices in incorporating virtual options into in-person programs.   


Date Published: January 1, 2022