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Making the Most of Your SAKI Award

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Date Published
This document, which was prepared for grantees under the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA’s) Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI), presents a suggested checklist of grant-management activities under a SAKI grant award.
Grant Number(s)
The nine actions on the checklist are as follows: 1) Locate and view the Department of Justice Financial Guide; 2) Log into the grantee Performance Measurement Tool account; 3) Hold an introductory call with the grantee site liaison; 4) Review the FY2019 SAKI Welcome Packet; 5) Hold the first SAKI multidisciplinary team meeting; 6) Create an account for the online SAKI Toolkit and Virtual Academy; 7) Create a “briefcase” within the SAKI Toolkit; 8) Share at least two resources from the SAKI Toolkit with team members; and 9) Start a spreadsheet to track future SAKI successes and milestones.
Date Created: September 10, 2020