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Minimum Scheme Requirements to Certify Criminal Justice Restraints Described in NIJ Standard 1001.00

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 2017
8 pages
This report describes the minimum requirements that a product certification scheme must contain for the certification of restraints described in NIJ Standard 1001.00, Criminal Justice Restraints Standard.
A product certification scheme includes the rules, procedures, and management required to implement product certification, which involves the assessment and attestation by an impartial third party that fulfillment of specified requirements has been demonstrated by a product. This document is intended primarily for those considering becoming certification scheme owners for the purpose of certifying restraints, so as to provide greater confidence to the criminal justice end-users that the restraints products conform to the requirements specified in NIJ Standard 1001.00. This report includes minimum reasonable expectations that a certification body should meet in operating a certification program for restraints. It is also intended for use by accreditation bodies that accredit certification bodies that may be considering certifying restraints to a scheme that includes laboratory testing of products in determining whether they meet NIJ Standard 1001.00.

Date Published: July 1, 2017