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National Job Corps Study The Impacts of Job Corps on Participants' Employment and Related Outcomes

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466 pages

This report presents estimates of the impacts of Job Corps on participants’ employment and other related outcomes during the 48 months immediately following random assignment.


This document provides thorough details about a research study investigating the impacts of the Job Corps program; it discusses the characteristics of Job Corps Center Services, of youths served by Job Corps, and policy changes related to violence and drugs. The Job Corps study included an impact analysis, process analysis, and benefit-cost analysis; the document describes the data sources, primary outcome measures, and analytic methodology. The report analyzes program impacts on participation in Job Corps and time spent in education and training programs, program impacts on educational attainment, program impacts on employment and earnings, and other outcomes including impacts on welfare and illegal drug use. Key findings showed that Job Corps improves outcomes for broad groups of students rather than for just a subset, indicating that the program is effective. Appendices provide research methodology-related details and supplementary tables.

Date Published: January 1, 2001