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NIST Random Profile Roughness Specimens and Standard Bullets, NIJ Report 601-00

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 2000
23 pages
Publication Series
This paper describes the development of prototype bullets for use as check standards.
Based on the numerical controlled diamond turning process used previously for manufacturing random profile roughness specimens, the National Institute of Standards and Technology developed two prototype standard bullets. These standard bullets are intended for use in crime laboratories as check standards to help verify that the computerized optical-imaging equipment in those laboratories is operating properly. There is also a potential use of these standard bullets in nationwide and worldwide ballistics measurement traceability and unification. Test results showed that these standard bullets have identical signature marks and minimal geometrical non-uniformities such as pits, damage, etc. The digitized bullet signature is stored in a computer and can be used to reproduce the same bullet signature. The paper discusses technical requirements and design, development history of periodic and random profile roughness specimens at NIST, manufacturing technique, test results, and potential use of standard bullets. Notes, figures, references

Date Published: July 1, 2000