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Pixelwise Calibration Method for a Telecentric Structured Light System

NCJ Number
Applied Optics Volume: 63 Issue: 10 Dated: 2024 Pages: 2562-2569
Date Published
8 pages

This article discusses a pixelwise calibration method developed for a structured light system using a telecentric lens.


This paper introduces a pixelwise calibration method designed for a structured light system utilizing a camera attached with a telecentric lens. Experimental findings show that the proposed approach offers high calibration accuracy for a structured light system using a telecentric lens. In the calibration process, a white flat surface and a flat surface with circle dots serve as the calibration targets. After deriving the properties of the pinhole projector through a conventional camera calibration method using circle dots and determining the camera’s attributes via 3D feature points estimation through iterative optimizations, the white surface calibration target was positioned at various poses and reconstructed with initial camera and projector calibration data. Each 3D reconstruction was fitted with a virtual ideal plane that was further used to create the pixelwise phase-to-coordinate mapping. To optimize the calibration accuracy, various angled poses of the calibration target are employed to refine the initial results. (Published Abstract Provided)

Date Published: January 1, 2024