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Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp: 2016 Performance Report

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Date Published
February 2016
9 pages

This program performance report, dated February 2016, provides descriptive statistics and a performance analysis of the Quehanna Boot Camp program for 2015, as well as a brief program description, objectives, and admission criteria.


This document, prepared for the Judiciary Committees of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, provides a performance report of the Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp, with descriptive statistics and performance analysis for the 2015 year. The report includes charts and tables which provide historical statistics from 2009 through 2014, and current statistics for the 2015 period, such as camp population numbers and demographics by gender, age, race, current offense, and criminal offense. Other charts include breakdowns of numbers of admissions and graduation rates by committing county. The document describes camp participation, such as admission and completion or non-completion; treatment programs, including for alcohol and other drug (AOD), female-specific programming, veteran-specific groups, and trauma-based groups; and security efforts. The document also lays out program outcomes, which use recidivism rates as a primary measure of program performance, as well as cost effectiveness. Statistics indicate that at all follow-up time periods, the overall recidivism rates for the Boot Camp group were lower than the comparison group at a statistically significant level, and estimates indicate that on average, Pennsylvania saves approximately $11,431 per Boot Camp participant due to their reduced stay under PA Department of Corrections (DOC) custody.

Date Published: February 1, 2016