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Report on Exploratory Study into Honor Violence Measurement Methods - Appendixes

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Date Published
November 2014
88 pages
This document contains the appendixes to a study of the collection of data on the prevalence of "honor violence" - using the prevailing literature, interviews and discussions with experts, a review of relevant surveys, and searches of online and legal sources.
For a discussion of the cultural origin, definition, and practice of honor violence and the barriers to collecting data on its prevalence, see the full report (NCJ-248879). One of three appendixes is an annotated bibliography of 59 publications divided into the following categories related to honor violence: general discussion, link to forced marriage, link to female genital mutilation, Web sites, research methods, methods for studying sensitive issues and populations relevant to honor violence, methods for studying sexual assault relevant to honor violence, and other sources for content and method information. The second appendix profiles relevant victimization surveys and other data-collection mechanisms. They encompass surveys of victims; crime/homicide databases; social services surveys and studies; knowledge, attitude, and practice surveys, and opinion polls; and "other." The third appendix is a compilation of relevant online and legal sources. The listings are divided into the following categories: honor killings/honor violence, forced marriage, and female genital mutilation. The third appendix contains brief descriptions of Web sites and other media that focus on honor violence. They are categorized under the following topics: Honor Violence Foundation Web sites and honor violence documentaries.

Date Published: November 1, 2014