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Shock Incarceration in New York: Focus on Treatment

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The New York State Department of Correctional Services has implemented shock incarceration programs at four facilities, all with the explicit goal of developing law-abiding citizens.
The therapeutic approach adopted by the program encompasses drill and ceremony, physical training, work, and education, as well as substance abuse education and treatment and the development of personal responsibility. Staff receive special training in a program called Network, which integrates all of these components into a single treatment environment. The New York shock incarceration program is divided into two 6-month phases, one an intensive incarceration program and one a period of intensive community supervision. The State has realized substantial savings in operational and capital costs through this program. On average, graduates of the shock incarceration program improved their reading and math skills by one grade level. Program graduates had recidivism rates comparable to, or lower than, parolees who did not participate in or complete the program. 3 figures and 3 notes

Date Published: January 1, 1994