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South Dakota Intensive Methamphetamine (IMT) Program: Technical Assistance Project Report

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Kimberly Cobb
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Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Grant Sponsored), Program/Project Description, Instructional Material
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The goal of this report is to assist South Dakota community corrections agencies in developing, implementing, and improving supervision and programming strategies for addressing issues faced by methamphetamine- addicted offenders returning to communities after release from jail, prison, or other institution.
The main objectives of this project were to 1) research and identify effective supervision and programming strategies for such offenders; 2) develop a tool that will assist community corrections agencies in assessing supervision and programming strategies that address the needs of such offenders; 3) provide technical assistance to up to three sites; and 4) disseminate project information. Based upon the results of telephone interviews to key stakeholders and a review of relevant programming documents, an agenda was developed for an on-site technical assistance meeting that focused on three elements deemed essential to an Intensive Methamphetamine Treatment (IMT) program. One element discussed at the meeting was an examination of the strengths and needed improvement in the IMT program. A second element was the provision of information pertaining to the process/outcome evaluation being conducted on the IMT program. The third core element of the agenda was to facilitate a discussion on action planning that addressed the needed programmatic improvements identified from the interviews and document review. At the conclusion of the meeting, the group was committed to maintaining communication and discussions about the action steps discussed. Some of the action steps are described. Several had already been completed at the time of this report These are described in the report. Appended technical assistance tool, telephone interview tool, a summary document, the meeting agenda, and a powerpoint presentation of the evaluation of the IMT program
Date Created: November 21, 2016