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Survey of Sexual Violence in Juvenile Correctional Facilities, 2007-2012 - Statistical Tables

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January 2016
71 pages
Ramona R. Rantala; Allen J. Beck
The data presented are from the Bureau of Justice Statistics' (BJS') Survey of Sexual Violence in Juvenile Correctional Facilities for 2007-12 (renamed the Survey of Sexual Victimization in 2013), which has annually collected official records on allegations and substantiated incidents of youth-on-youth and staff-on-youth sexual victimization, based on a survey of correctional administrators in State juvenile systems, juvenile correctional facilities in Indian country, and a sample of locally and privately operated juvenile correctional facilities.
Each sexual act, as defined by BJS in the survey, is classified by the perpetrators (inmate or staff) and the type of act. Administrators provided counts for each of the four types of sexual victimization that occurred during the prior calendar year. The four types of sexual acts included in the survey are youth-on-youth nonconsensual sexual acts, youth-on-youth abusive sexual contacts, staff sexual misconduct, and staff sexual harassment. Administrators provided summary counts of allegations and substantiated incidents for each survey year. They also completed a separate form for each substantiated incident, providing details on the victim, perpetrator, and circumstances surrounding the incidents. Data collection forms can be accessed on the BJS website. The statistical tables presented in this report provide counts of allegations and substantiated incidents by type of victimization for every jurisdiction and facility in the 2007-12 surveys. Each table includes a measure of population size (based on the number of youth held at year-end) as a basis of comparison; however, the report advises that survey results should not be used to rank systems or facilities. Variations in the number of allegations and substantiated incidents may reflect differences in definitions and reporting criteria, as well as variations in procedures for recording allegations. The thoroughness of subsequent investigations also varies. 35 tables

Date Created: January 28, 2016