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TECHBeat, January/February 2015

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Techbeat Dated: January/February 2015 Pages: 1-23
Date Published
January 2015
23 pages
This issue contains feature articles that cover cutting-edge vacuum technology that locates hard-to-find DNA, the role of cell-phone forensics in collecting intelligence, a guide for law enforcement officers that addresses legal issues in elder abuse, and a program that reduces distracted driving by police.
"Cutting-Edge Vacuum Technology Locates Hard-to-Find DNA" describes the use of wet-vacuum technology to collect DNA samples. A hand-held device sprays a solution on a surface to detach and suspend target DNA material. "Cell Phone Forensics Play Key Role in Gathering Intelligence" promotes the "Cell Phone Forensics in a Corrections Setting Guidebook," which explains the evidentiary benefits of a cell phone forensics program, reviews the technology available to help agencies examine inmate contraband cell phone, outlines the issues involved in starting an internal cell phone forensics program, and summarizes relevant legal issues and case law. "Legal Issues Related to Elder Abuse: Guides for Law Enforcement" profiles a recently published pocket guide for law enforcement officers on legal issues related to elder abuse. It explains legal concepts, documents, and tools that may be misused to commit elder abuse or, if used properly. to remedy elder abuse. It suggests issues and actions that justice system professionals can consider if they suspect elder abuse has occurred. "Easing Distracted Driving by Police in Fort Wayne" describes efforts by the Fort Wayne Police Department (Indiana) to limit in-car computer use so as to reduce potential distracted driving by officers. In addition to the aforementioned feature articles, this issue of TechBeat provides a technology news summary.

Date Published: January 1, 2015