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TECHBeat, Spring 2012

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Techbeat Dated: Spring 2012 Pages: 1-16
Date Published
May 2012
16 pages

Articles in this issue report on technologies for law enforcement, corrections, and forensic sciences.


"Tomball Police Department Takes to the 'Open' Skies" describes the features and uses of the Auto-Gyro MIO Sport owned and operated by the Tomball Police Department (Texas) since 2011. The Auto-Gyro is a two-seat, open cockpit gyroplane that costs approximately $75,000 and $50 an hour to operate. It uses the same type of gasoline used in automobiles and needs minimal space to take off and land. The gyroplane is used to monitor traffic, search for missing persons, track suspects on foot and in vehicles, and supplement the air capabilities of other law enforcement agencies in the region. "Cold Case Investigative Practices and Outcomes" reports on the findings of a recent study that identified factors in cold-case investigations that improve the chances of making an arrest in the case. "Body Armor Inspection and Testing Program" describes a National Institute of Justice (NIJ) program that tests ballistic-resistant body armor to ensure that the body armor being purchased by criminal justice agencies will perform similarly to armor samples previously tested and found compliant with Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor, NIJ Standard 0101.06. "Technology Institute Fosters Resource Sharing" describes the benefits in technical assistance experienced by a police chief from attending the 2011 Fall Rural Law Enforcement Technology Institute. "Taking the 'Green Way' To Reducing Costs and Increasing Efficiency" describes the technical assistance offered in the Greening Corrections Technology Guidebook, a new, free online publication produced by the Corrections Technology Center of Excellence. "NIJ Training Tool Helps Chicago Police Learn" profiles a NIJ interactive training course that is helping Chicago police learn Spanish and apply it on the job. A technology news summary is also provided.

Date Published: May 1, 2012