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Technology Facilitated Crime Follow-up 2022

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This document lays out the design and documentation of a follow-up study of young adults on their experiences with technology-facilitated crimes; it presents the Ipsos Public Affairs KnowledgePanel® methodology, including recruitment, survey sampling and administration, and response rates; KnowledgePanel weighting, noting study-specific post-stratification weights, trimming, and design effect; it also provides two appendices, including the final programmed main survey questionnaire, and the weighting benchmark distributions.


This document presents the methodology and outcomes from a follow-up study of young adults on their experiences with technology-facilitated crimes. The survey was conducted on Ipsos KnowledgePanel®, the largest online panel in the United States (U.S.) that relies on probability-based sampling methods for recruitment to provide a representative sampling frame for adults in the U.S. The target population consisted of selected completions from the first wave who experienced technology-facilitated crimes. The report provides details about the survey creation, administration, and completion. It also provides details about KnowledgePanel’s background and methodology, noting that it provides probability-based samples with an organic representation of the study population for measurement of public opinion, attitudes, and behaviors. The document discusses Ipsos KnowledgePanel weighting, including study-specific post-stratification weights, with details of survey data collection and processing. The appendices present technical information and function as templates for use in similar projects.

Date Published: January 1, 2022