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Traffic Stop Data Collection Policies for State Police, 1999

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Date Published
February 2000
2 pages
Kevin J. Strom; Matthew R. Durose
This report provides findings from the 1999 Survey of State Police Agencies Information Inventory.
Discussed are the circumstances under which demographic data are collected for traffic-related contacts and violations. The survey also asked if the data collected was stored in an electronically accessible format. At midyear 1999, 9 of the Nation's 49 State law enforcement agencies whose primary duties included highway patrol reported requiring officers to report demographic information on the driver or passengers for all traffic stops. Thirty-one agencies reported collecting the race/ethnicity of drivers receiving traffic-related citations. Fifteen State agencies recorded the driver's race/ethnicity if officers conducted a vehicle or occupant search. A majority of the States that collected racial/ethnic information from traffic stops maintained these data electronically.

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