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Understanding What Makes Justice-Involved Youths Prepared and Ready for Reentry

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Date Published
November 2019
2 pages

This information paper provides a background of the Performance-based Standards Youth Reentry Survey as well as a discussion of the survey’s preliminary findings.


This paper describes the motivation for and execution of the Performance-based Standards (PbS) Youth Reentry Survey; it states that the survey’s objective is to better understand how prepared and ready youths are when they leave juvenile justice facilities and end community supervision. To accomplish this objective, the survey asks what youths’ perceptions of their preparedness and readiness as they return to the community and live independently. The document describes the PbS Youth Reentry Survey project, its development, and administration of the survey. It also provides a brief discussion of the early survey results, noting that some of the questions were tested with youths who participated in PbS’ annual Employment Matching Award program. Preliminary findings indicate that 83 percent of youths strongly agreed that they were ready to get a job or continue their current employment when they leave the juvenile justice system; 74 percent strongly agreed that they are confident they will succeed; 57 percent strongly agreed that they have the support they need to be successfully employed; and 13 percent strongly agreed that it will be easy to pay their rent or living expenses. The document also provides a link to the corresponding PbS website and office phone number.

Date Published: November 1, 2019