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Violent Victimization of College Students, 1995-2002

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January 2005
7 pages
Katrina Baum; Patsy Klaus
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This report examines the incidence of college student victimization and compares the findings to persons of similar ages in the general population.
In addition, the report describes the extent to which student victimization occurs on campus and in off-campus locations and settings, as well as the involvement of alcohol and drugs in student victimizations. Highlights include the following: on average, from 1995 to 2002, comparing persons ages 18-24, male college students were twice as likely to be victims of overall violence than female students (80 versus 43 per 1,000); White students had somewhat higher rates of violent victimization than Blacks and higher rates than students of other races (65 versus 52 and 37 per 1,000 respectively); for females, nonstudents were over 1.5 times more likely than college students to be a victim of a violent crime (71 versus 43 per 1,000). 8 tables
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