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2019 NITVAN Identity Theft Coalition-Building Toolkit

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18 pages
The National Identity Theft Victims Assistance Network (NITVAN), which was established in 2010 with funding from the U.S. Justice Department's Office for Victims of Crime, developed this toolkit as a comprehensive guide for building a coalition among service providers, advocates, and allied professionals in addressing the rights and needs of identity theft victims.
The coalition-building steps presented in this toolkit assume that the coalition is being built by a lead agency or agencies that are already formally established and operating under a corporate, government, or nonprofit structure. The toolkit suggests activities needed to design the basic framework for the coalition. These activities have the following goals: 1) determination of the specific needs of identity theft victims in the service area; 2) development of a strategic plan that establishes the overall goals of the coalition; 3) development of mission and vision statements that guide the coalition; 4) determination of a lead agency that will operate as the main organizer and contact for the coalition; 5) the strategy for recruiting coalition members; and 6) defining the roles and responsibilities of coalition members. Other major sections of the toolkit address the training of coalition members, sustaining the coalition's momentum and member engagement, and outreach and communication. Resources are suggested for identity theft general and special victim populations.