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Addressing Sexual Abuse of Youth in Custody Curriculum: Module 11 - Management and Operational Practices

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47 pages
This training module dealing with the problem of sexual abuse of youth in custody discusses management and operational practices for dealing with this issue.
The primary objective of this training module are to identify the relationship between management and operations, recognize why management and operational practices are important, identify practices that affect staff sexual misconduct and youth-on-youth sexual abuse, realize the importance of evaluating management and operational practices, and identify the strengths and weaknesses of management and operational practices in juvenile correctional settings. The first section begins with an examination of the relationship between management and operations: management deals with policy administration and development while operations deals with policy implementation and practice. This is followed by a discussion on how management and operations affect staff sexual misconduct and youth-on-youth sexual abuse. Other sections cover specific management issues, operational issues such as cross gender supervision, and vulnerability assessments. Detailed information is provided on how to conduct vulnerability assessments, what documents are needed for the assessment, what to look for in the assessment, conducting a physical plant assessment, what to look for in a physical plant assessment, and submitting a report on the detailed assessments. Finally, the module discusses key elements of management and operational policy that include protection from retaliation, training for staff and youth, orientation for youth, and protocols for community linkage.