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Anatomy of a Redesign

NCJ Number
Security Management Dated: (March 1993) Pages: 24-29
T P Barron
Date Published
6 pages
Security officials at the Wells Fargo Bank of California developed and implemented a plan to provide an organized and controlled change in the alarm system.
The bank had approximately 450 branch locations. In 1988, security managers realized that the old alarm system had high maintenance costs and fines for false alarms. Although the equipment was providing a high level of security, old systems were being replaced by new systems in an uncontrolled manner at the rate of one per month. The alarm systems were also monitored by 50 different vendors, and the bank operated two separate central stations supporting 100 branches in one city. A study revealed that statewide conversion of the branches to a proprietary alarm system was feasible and that funding could be made available quickly. Management approved a plan to replace alarm systems at 450 branches and the central station for $4 million. Wells Fargo now has more than 630 locations on the new system, with operating costs reduced by $2 million at project completion and annual costs reduced by $1.5 million. The Wells Fargo experience suggests the need for companies considering such a project to conduct their own research, verify information provided by vendors, focus on their own needs and goals, and use equipment and installation procedures listed by UL. Photographs