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Annotated Bibliography on Offender Job Training and Placement, Second Edition

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Constance Clem
Date Published
67 pages
This annotated bibliography lists nearly 400 items from the collection of the National Institute of Corrections Information Center; the materials focus on offender job training and placement programs, accomplishments, and employment outcomes.
The bibliography was developed for the Office of Correctional Job Training and Placement, which was created within the National Institute of Corrections in March 1995. The bibliography includes 85 items added since the first edition was completed in 1997. The citations are grouped into five categories: (1) vocational education, (2) inmate industries, (3) offender/ex-offender employment, (4) multidisciplinary materials, and (5) videotapes. Subgroupings with each category list particular topics such as training issues and curricula, outcome studies and evaluations, management issues, and program descriptions. The citation for each title lists the authors, source, sponsoring agency if applicable, date, pagination, and accession number. An annotation summarizes the content of each item. A URL is provided where applicable for resources available in electronic format on the World Wide Web.