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APEX Resources Directory Vol. 1: Change Management and the APEX Domains

NCJ Number
Nancy Cebula, Elizabeth Ritter
Date Published
September 2013
316 pages

This directory is designed specifically for the field of corrections and contains information about the Achieving Performance Excellence (APEX) domains, about managing change, and about the National Institute of Corrections' Information Center.


This directory provides resources, tools, and interventions to support correctional agencies and to enhance efforts to improve performance excellence by providing domain-specific resources and interventions. It can also be used as a stand-alone guide to change management and to the APEX Public Safety Model domains, which include: Leadership; Operational Focus, Organizational Culture; Stakeholder Focus; Workforce Focus; Strategic Planning; measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management; and Results. Using this directory, an agency can target one or more domains and can find specific domain-related guiding questions, tools and interventions, case studies, and other resources to direct a change effort for improvement. Potential scenarios for change include the following: 1) when an agency is getting ready for Prison Rape Elimination Act compliance; 2) when a new jail director comes on board; 3) when a new committee is formed to direct performance excellence; 4) when a change in legislation requires agency changes; 5) when an agency is running smoothly, but assesses itself preventively and finds room for improvement in specific domains; 6) when a new program is put into practice; and 7) when an opportunity arises to embark on a change effort. Chapter 2 includes detailed information about National Institute of Corrections resources. Chapter 3 provides information, tools, interventions, case studies, resources, and references for the topic of change management. Chapters 4-11 include domain-specific guiding questions, tools and interventions, case studies, and assessments. Chapter references, bibliographies, Web links, and exhibits