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Arrests in Wisconsin 2009

NCJ Number
Kirstin Christianson; Kavita Dornala; Lori Phillips; Derek Veitenheimer; Kristi Waits
Date Published
June 2010
289 pages
This report presents arrest data from Wisconsin law enforcement agencies for 2009 under Wisconsin's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program.
This report contains information on arrest volume, rates, and trends throughout the State. In addition, it presents information on arrestee characteristics for five separate crime categories: violent, property, drug, "society," and "other." The report is presented in three main sections: all arrests, adult arrests, and juvenile arrests. Within each of these sections, data are further broken down by crime types. For each crime type, figures and tables show volume, rates, and trends. Between 2008 and 2009, Wisconsin had a slight decrease in the number of total arrests. Arrests for violent offenses decreased 4 percent, and the number of property-crime arrests decreased 5 percent. Drug arrests increased by less than 1 percent; "society" arrests decreased by 7 percent; and arrests for "other" uncategorized arrests decreased by 4 percent; there were 7,897 arrests for violent crime, with adults arrested at a higher volume and higher rate than juveniles. Arrest rates of males have been relatively stable during the past 3 years, and arrest rates for females have remained consistent since 2005. Arrest rates for Blacks have been dramatically higher than for all other races for the past 5 years. There were 60,217 arrests for property crime, with adults arrested at a higher volume than juveniles, although juveniles were arrested at a higher rate. Property-crime arrest rates for both males and females have had a downward trend since 2005. Property-crime arrest rates for Blacks and American Indian/Alaskan Natives have been consistently higher than those for Whites and Asian/Pacific Islanders. Arrest volume, rates, and arrestee characteristics are also reported for drug offenses, "society" offenses, and "other" offenses. Extensive table and figures