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Asian Americans and the Criminal Justice System (From Multicultural Perspectives in Criminal Justice and Criminology, Second Edition, P 181-221, 2000, James E. Hendricks and Bryan D. Byers, eds. -- See NCJ-187793)

NCJ Number
Tiaping Ho; Cindy Hendricks
Date Published
41 pages
The experiences encountered by each ethnic Asian subgroup in the United States is unique, representing different cultural systems of values and behaviors, as well as differing degrees of acculturation.
This chapter discusses each of the major Asian-American groups in the United States in terms of its arrival in America and episodes of discrimination encountered by each group; this is followed by a discussion of Asians' involvement in the U.S. criminal justice system. The groups considered are Chinese-Americans, Filipino Americans, Pacific Islanders, Japanese-Americans, Asian-Indian Americans, Korean-Americans, Vietnamese Americans, and Amerasians (offspring of one American parent of any race and ethnicity and one Vietnamese parent). After discussing the circumstances of the arrival and discrimination against each of these groups of Asian origin, the chapter discusses the characteristics and dimensions of Asian organized crime, as well as Asian gangs and their criminal activities. Also discussed are the smuggling of Asian illegal immigrants into the United States and the Federal Government's response to it. Another section of the chapter discusses gambling and prostitution in Asian-American communities. Gambling and prostitution are traditionally and culturally acceptable in most Asian countries, but they are legally unacceptable in many American communities. A section on Asian-Americans in the criminal justice system considers their involvement as offenders, victims, and criminal justice professionals. 72 references


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