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Basic Handbook of Police Supervision: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Supervisors

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Gerald W. Garner
Date Published
199 pages
Based on lessons learned from his 43-year law enforcement career, the author provides guidance to law enforcement supervisors in managing the challenges and crises that confront them.
Chapter 1 helps the new supervisor adopt a new mindset as a supervisor of officers with whom he has developed camaraderie as a fellow line officer. Chapter 2 then outlines the tasks of a supervisor, followed by a chapter that addresses the prioritizing and balancing of these tasks. Chapter 4 discusses the importance of and steps in becoming a positive role model for the officers she or he supervises. The tools of leadership are discussed in Chapter 5, followed by a chapter on effective communication. Chapter 7 assists the supervisor in measuring the performance of subordinates, and Chapter 8 suggests a procedure for receiving and investigating complaints of employee misconduct, followed by a chapter with advice on administering correction action for personnel misconduct. Chapter 10 outlines the basic steps in promoting officers' safety during the performance of their duties. Chapter 11 focuses on how to maintain composure while communicating effectively with media during an ongoing crisis or its aftermath. Chapter 12 addresses interactions within the bureaucracy of the law enforcement organization, particularly upper management. The maintenance of a positive work attitude and the constructive management of stress are emphasized. This is followed by a chapter on dealing with the politics and career pitfalls of organizational life. Chapter 14 speaks to the experienced supervisor who has learned the skills of leadership and the management of personnel so as to achieve effective performance. The experienced supervisor who has learned his or her lessons is challenged to groom those officers he or she supervises to become leaders for the next generation of front-line officers. The concluding chapter provides advice on when to seek promotion to the next management level. A subject index