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Britain is "Bullying Capital of Europe"

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Lay Panel Magazine Volume: 23 Dated: (April 1990) Pages: 11-12
W G McCarney
Date Published
Bullying is a form of child abuse perpetuated by children on other children and should not be viewed as inevitable. In England, one in five children are bullied, and in Scotland the figure may be one in two children.
Parents need to step in to protect their child if they are being bullied, but the parent may have trouble obtaining support from the schools. Girls tend to prefer psychological bullying, and boys tend to prefer physical bullying. The bully tends to be a low achiever, and the victim tends to be an only child or the child of parents who want their children to be seen, but not heard. Often the bullied child is in some way different. As the school system may provide a structure of ideas and attitudes that encourage bullying, schools need to adopt an anti-bullying atmosphere.