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Buffalo Community Youth Officer Program - Final Report

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A description of the Community Youth Officer (CYO) Program developed and implemented in cooperation with the Buffalo Police Department is presented.
The primary goal of the 1-year program was to provide the Buffalo Police Department with a highly trained juvenile youth officer cadre composed of approximately 60 members. This group was developed at the precinct level and dealt with juvenile problems unique to the precinct. In addition, the CYO's addressed problems trancending precinct boundaries though community efforts to control and prevent delinquency and antisocial behavior. The 60 officers had to meet certain criteria before acceptance into the program, e.g., academic achievements and demonstrated services. Special training was provided before and during program service. CYO units were responsible for the apprehension, questioning, and processing of all juvenile offenders; attending community meetings; developing seminars for presentation in high schools and junior high schools; and maintaining a close liaison with the board of education. Analysis of the CYO activity reports indicated that members of the units made 432 juvenile arrests, referred 563 juveniles to various courts and social agencies, investigated 1,143 crimes involving juveniles, effected 1,091 adult arrests, and made 2,997 juvenile contacts. The units also attended 2,202 meetings and seminars. A listing of juvenile arrests for 1977 as compared to 1976 (the year preceding program implementation) indicated the following: arrests for arson declined 66.7 percent; arrests for assault were reduced by 1.8 percent; arrests for burglary and criminal trespass declined by 12.6 percent; and homicide arrests were reduced 100 percent. It was concluded that the CYO Program achieved most of its established goals. Extensive tabular data and exhibits are appended.