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R. I. Mawby
Date Published
219 pages
This book provides a comprehensive overview of burglary with emphasis on examining the extent of the problem and policy responses and initiatives in the prevention of burglary through case study analysis.
Through the use of local, national, and international data, this book attempts to provide a better understanding of burglary and policies aimed at burglary prevention, thereby understanding several issues surrounding crime and criminal justice polices. The book is divided into two main sections: (1) the extent of the problem and (2) policy responses and initiatives in the reduction of burglaries as adopted throughout the world. The first section discusses the extent of the problem and public perceptions of burglary, the effects of burglary and the needs of victims, repeat victimization, and the offender as a burglar and their strategies. The second and final section considers various aspects of policy in detail. Focus is directed towards crime prevention and burglary reduction utilizing conventional approaches, as well as policy developments in England and Wales. In addition, there was a concentration on the reduction of harm to victims through the development of victim assistance programs. Case studies on policy initiatives and approaches in burglary prevention are presented from both England and Europe. Burglars are seen as not uniquely distinct from other offenders. Approaches used to reduce the risk and impact of burglary could be adapted and applied to other offenses. References and tables