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Case Study: Identifying Vulnerabilities - Jared's Story

NCJ Number
International Rescue Committee Dated: October 2020
Date Published
October 2020

This instructional video and commentary for victim service providers who interact with young victims of labor trafficking outlines lessons from a case study that identifies risks and vulnerabilities for labor trafficking victimization and how to address them.


In this case study, a trusted family member exploits his mentorship position and Jared’s need for stability and belonging to require him to do labor tasks the family member needed at the expense of Jared’s education and socialization. Jared’s vulnerabilities for this abusive labor trafficking included household instability and frequent moving; perception he was a burden to the family;  absence of socialization with peers; witnessing dependent and potentially coercive relationships; lack of support systems; and unhealthy family relationships that were emotionally abusive. Legal issues associated with this victimization are outlined. It is noted that labor trafficking is illegal even in the context of unlawful industries, which in this case was selling or transporting stolen merchandise or illicit items. Each state has restrictions on the type and amount of work minors can do, with age requirements for various types of jobs. Labor traffickers who violate these laws can be manipulative friends or family members.