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Celebrate the Spirit of Success: A Guide to Best Practices

NCJ Number
Date Published
July 1998
320 pages
This report describes development and implementation of programs to enhance the safety and security, personal empowerment, and economic self-sufficiency of public housing residents.
Best practices within a public housing program included one or more of the following success factors: (1) generated public safety and security; (2) reduced substance abuse and other negative dependencies and dysfunctional behaviors and attitudes; (3) transferred skills and technology; (4) invested in youth development; (5) involved key stakeholders; (6) built partnerships and other collaborative efforts; (7) leveraged resources; (8) recruited and retained motivated volunteers; (9) applied effective outreach and media strategies; (10) developed and maintained strong, committed leadership; (11) built programs based on focused intentions and shared values; (12) empowered residents to take responsibility for themselves and their community; (13) helped residents develop self-esteem and inner strengths; (14) used a systematic, life-cycle approach to programming; (15) tailored programs to local needs and strengths; (16) was effectively and accountably managed; (17) practiced open and honest communication; (18) integrated multiple programs and served multiple generations; (19) worked with individuals, families, and communities as whole systems; (20) acknowledged the interconnectedness of people; (21) removed social and cultural barriers within and beyond public housing; (22) emphasized positive, proactive, and prevention oriented activities and outcomes; and (23) fostered economic self-sufficiency. Figures, appendixes, references, resources