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Child and Youth Care Organizations (From Choices in Caring: Contemporary Approaches to Child and Youth Care Work, P 1-18, 1990, Mark A Krueger and Norman W Powell, eds. -- See NCJ-124239)

NCJ Number
M A Krueger
Date Published
18 pages
This paper discusses organizational tenets, concepts for caring that guide day-to-day interactions, and outlines an organizational process for incorporating the tenets and actions into a treatment environment.
Among the tenets listed are interconnected human systems, caring relationships, individualized programming, family and community involvement, and training and supervision of workers. The organizational process begins when workers join with other members of the organization to develop a treatment philosophy which represents their collective convictions about treatment and provides a set of standards. The treatment policy is developed with input from everyone and is periodically reviewed and revised as needed. Members of the organization then develop daily operating procedures which are consistent with the philosophy. The treatment team is responsible for translating the philosophy into individual treatment plans. Each treatment team consists of various combinations of child care workers, social workers, teachers, consultants, administrators, parents, and children. The treatment team is assigned to work with specific children and their families. Treatment teams are responsible for developing and implementing a treatment plan for each child and his or her family. 20 references.