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Community Substance Use/Abuse Indicators

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Community indicator research is explored.
This short manual, one of a series addressing related topics, is designed as an easy-to-use guide regarding community indicator data used by researchers trying to measure the extent and severity of substance use/abuse and related issues in any given community. In a five-step program, the manual directs community antidrug coalitions to get started by forming an indicator committee to identify which community indicators will be used by the coalition; determine the use for the community indicators; select and track indicators; market the findings using the community indicators to the media and the public; and use the collected data to assist in decisionmaking. The Alcohol-Sensitive Information Planning System (ASIPS) is described briefly as one way community indicator data is being used in California to assist in developing appropriate criminal justice sanctions. The manual warns that failing to standardize collection and use of community indicator data diminishes the impact that such data could have.