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Concealed Carry: Legislation Could End the Crazy Quilt of Firearms Laws that Covers Off-Duty and Retired Officers but It's Moving Slow

NCJ Number
Police: The Law Enforcement Magazine Volume: 26 Issue: 7 Dated: July 2002 Pages: 36,38,40,42,44
David Griffith
Date Published
July 2002
5 pages
This article discusses the need for legislation to allow qualified off-duty and retired police officers to carry concealed firearms across all jurisdictions.
The Community Protection Act (H.R.218), if enacted, would allow off-duty and retired police officers to carry concealed firearms without worrying about State, county, and municipal gun laws. It would replace the confusing crazy quilt of local concealed carry laws in this country. H.R.218 was introduced nearly 10 years ago and now has the support of more than 260 legislators. A House bill needs the support of 218 representatives to pass. But supporters have had no success in bringing the bill to the floor since it died in the late 1990's because it was attached to another piece of less popular legislation. The Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisonsin.), is preventing it from reaching the House floor because of the issue of States’ rights. Supporters of the bill recently launched a discharge petition, a parliamentary procedure that allows the entire House to vote on whether a bill should move out of committee. A simple majority (218) of yes votes will move the bill to the floor. It cannot be vetoed by the committee chairman and it is believed it will pass very quickly. However, H.R.218 did not pass fast enough for the many off-duty and retired officers that were attacked and had no means of defense. A State-by State guide to concealed carry laws for off-duty and retired officers is provided.