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Corrections: A Comprehensive View

NCJ Number
I J Silverman; M Vega
Date Published
685 pages
This textbook describes the development of correctional practices; explains how historical events and social issues have helped shape today's correctional systems; describes contemporary corrections in the United States in terms of its structure, clients, management, personnel, and programs; and examines the history and current status of prisoners' rights.
Individual sections explain the relationship of the correctional system to the other segments of the criminal justice system, the role of sentencing, the historical development of corrections from ancient times through the development of United States prisons during the 19th century, and the emergence of modern prisons. Additional sections discuss male inmates, the special categories of inmates, the female inmate population, and the special problems of incarcerated women. Further sections focus on correctional administration, including corrections management, issues related to line correctional officers, the impact of correctional law on prison operations, and classification issues. Other sections focus on basic programs and services that correctional institutions must maintain, including educational and work programs, medical and mental health services, prison food services, religion, family ties, visits, and recreational programs. The final sections cover community-based correctional programs and facilities, including jails, detention facilities, probation and parole programs, and intermediate sanctions. Photographs, figures, tables, chapter review questions and tests, glossary, index, table of cases, and approximately 1,000 references