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Corrections in the People's Republic of China (From Social Control in the People's Republic of China, P 159-166, 1989, Ronald J. Troyer, John P. Clark, et al, eds. - See NCJ-120034)

NCJ Number
D H Bracey
Date Published
8 pages
The correctional system of the People's Republic of China rests on the belief that people are basically good, that education is the best method for reforming both systems and individuals, and that people can change throughout their lives.
Thus, corrections officials deny ever having encountered an offender who could not be rehabilitated and regard recidivism as failures of the correctional system rather than as cases of individual intractability. Therefore, the correctional system remolds offenders by combining productive labor with education and political training. Recidivism is estimated at 3 to 5 percent for adults and 8 percent for juveniles. In addition, the basic belief that minor deviance leads to major deviance underlies the active role taken by family, neighbors, workmates, teachers, and local officials in controlling individual behavior. These approaches are used both for juvenile and adult offenders.