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Corrections Today, Volume 74, Issue 1, February/March 2012

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Corrections Today Volume: 74 Issue: 1 Dated: February/March 2012 Pages: 1-92
Susan L. Clayton M.S.
Date Published
March 2012
92 pages
This issue features articles regarding the American Correctional Association (ACA) standards and accreditation for corrections.
This issue provides seven feature articles: 1) Using ACA Performance Outcome Measures as a Management Tool describes how to integrate the outcome measures into the actual facility operation; 2) Juvenile Detention and Corrections Standards: Looking Back and Ahead examines the ACA/CAC accreditation process which offers the most comprehensive standards with a process to measure compliance and the capacity to award accreditation; 3) ACA's Core Jail Standards - Two Years Later discusses the core jail developed and maintained by ACA to address unmet needs in the detention field standards used by practitioners since January 2010; 4) Army Corrections : Recognizing the Importance of Standards and Accreditation which discusses the relationship between Army corrections and ACA accreditation to include the benefits of accreditation and the process the Army uses to achieve ACA accreditation; 5) Correctional Accreditation Managers' Association (CAMA) and ACA: Supporting the Accreditation Process Through Partnership describes the 25 year commitment to the principles of communication, support and partnership; 6) Kentucky Department of Corrections' Electronic File Program: Streamlining the Accreditation Process discusses the an electron file program called the EFP (Electronic File Program) that makes accreditation easier for ACA accreditation managers and file holders; and 7) Utilizing Core International Standards which describes the Mexican Federal Prison System's process to gain accreditation in 2012. Also included are six News and Views articles: Solicitation of Candidates for the 2012 Election; ACA Congratulates Newly Certified and Recertified Professionals; 2013 Winter Conference Award Nomination Forms; Key Elements of the Affordable Care Act: Interface with Correctional Settings and Inmate Health Care; Research and Retrenchment Integrating Data and Evaluation Into Today's Correctional Environment; and Tapestry: Women Weaving Their Way to Recovery.