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Crime, the Media and the Law

NCJ Number
D Howitt
Date Published
243 pages
This book attempts to determine the extent to which a serious study of the media should be incorporated into an understanding of crime and the criminal justice system.
The book explores the full range of crimes and their portrayal in the media, studying the complex interaction between the media, the crimes and public understanding and reaction. It discusses the following: (1) Linking Media and Crime; (2) Theories of Crime and the Media; (3) Constructing the Image of Crime; (4) Cultivating the Fear of Crime; (5) School for Violence? (Is real-life violence caused by the media?); (6) Violent Criminals; (7) Sexual Crimes and the Mass Media; (8) Pornography and Sexually Violent Crime; (9) Women and Crime; (10) Acquisitive Crime; (11) Race and Hate Crime; (12) Drug Crime; (13) Criminal Justice and the Media; and (14) The Media and Crime Prevention. References, indexes