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Criminal Investigation of Drug Offenses - The Narcs' Manual

NCJ Number
J M MacDonald; J Kennedy
Date Published
416 pages
This book provides professionals involved in drug investigations with information on trafficking methods, investigative techniques, legal parameters for investigations, and investigative strategies for various drug-related offenses.
Types of drug dealers and drug users as well as the crimes committed by them are first discussed. Interviews with dealers, including those who have been involved in drug-related killings, are interspersed throughout the book to illustrate their methods of operation. Detectives and special agents from across the Nation then describe their encounters with drug dealers, providing practical information on undercover techniques and operations. Successful investigations into prescription frauds, clandestine laboratories, and major drug dealers are detailed. Other topics considered include the motives of police informants and problems likely to be encountered in working with them; surveillance techniques, including electronic and aerial surveillance; air, marine, and border smuggling methods; the perils of conducting raids; and the complexities of search warrants. Drug abusers' descriptions on the effects of illicit drugs are supplemented by reports for medical journals and textbooks. Individual chapters cover heroin and other narcotics; cocaine, amphetamines, and other stimulants; barbiturates and other sedative-hypnotics; LSD, PCP, and other hallucinogens; marijuana; and solvents, aerosols, and other inhalants. The prevention of drug abuse is discussed in the final chapter. The Controlled Substances Act is appended, and included are a glossary and a subject index. (Author summary modified)


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