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Criminological Theory: Past to Present (Essential Readings)

NCJ Number
F T Cullen; R Agnew
Date Published
381 pages
This volume attempts to capture the diversity of thinking on crime causation that prevails within criminology.
The book contains 38 chapters presented in 10 parts, each part representing a distinct theoretical approach to the explanation of crime. The parts are preceded by general introductions that place the readings in their scholarly context: (1) Biological and Psychological Theories of Crime; (2) The Chicago School: The City, Social Disorganization, and Crime; (3) Learning To Be a Criminal: Differential Association, Subcultural, and Social Learning Theories; (4) Anomie/Strain Theories of Crime; (5) Varieties of Control Theory; (6) Integrated Theories of Crime; (7) Rational Choice and Routine Activities Theories; (8) Labeling, Interaction, and Crime: Societal Reaction and the Creation of Criminals; (9) Critical Criminology: Power, Inequality, and Crime; and (10) Feminist Theories: Gender, Power, and Crime. Each chapter contains discussion questions. References, figures, notes


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