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Current and Future Drug Policy Studies in Europe

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Jack Derks, Anton van Kalmthout, Hans-Jorg Albrecht
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This book presents the methodology of comparative research in drug policy studies and its basic concepts, and the genesis of national drug policies in eight European countries.
The book contains 15 essays: (1) Methods, Concepts and Findings From Evaluation Research on European Drug Policies; (2) Comparative Social Research as a Collective Process: Some Lessons From the International Study of Alcohol Control Experiences; (3) Problems in Comparative Statistical Studies of Drugs; (4) European Drug Policies: The Need for Historical Policy Perspectives; (5) Finding the Balance for Different Policy Options; (6) Current Conceptual Problems in Western European Narcotic Policy: An Illustration From Southern Europe; (7) Introduction to the Section on Construction of National Drug Policies; (8) Swedish Drug Policy in Perspective; (9) Construction of a National Drug Policy in Poland; (10) Drug Policies and Drug Problems in the Federal Republic of Germany: Construction, Development and Trends; (11) French Policy for Controlling the Use and Trafficking of Prohibited Substances; (12) Construction of National Drug Treatment and Harm Reduction Policy: Norway; (13) Review of Dutch Drug Policy; (14) Construction of National Drug Policy in Finland; and (15) The Case of Compulsory Treatment: Construction of Drug Policy in Denmark. Notes, tables, figures, references, bibliography