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Custodial Crisis in Europe: Inflated Prison Populations and Possible Alternatives

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European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research Volume: 2 Issue: 4 Dated: (1994) Pages: 89-100
P Tournier
Date Published
12 pages
This analysis of prison overcrowding and trends in prison populations in Europe concludes that increasing alternatives to institutionalization is an ineffective solution, because much of the crowding has resulted to the increase in inmates serving long terms.
The prison population has continued to increase despite the decrease in the annual number of committals in many European countries during the 1980's. Possible reasons for longer stays in prison include lengthier procedures, lengthier sentences, and modification of legislation or practice regarding the individualization of sentences. One approach to dealing with overcrowding would be to increase the use of parole, which has the greatest impact on the length of actual detention. To reduce the risk of recidivism, practical measures are needed for the care and control of parolees. This topic will be one of the main corrections issues in coming years. Tables and 13 references