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Defensive Living: Preserving Your Personal Safety Through Awareness, Attitude & Armed Action, Second Edition

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Ed Lovette; Dave Spaulding
Date Published
129 pages
This book, a comprehensive reference tool in the survival and protection of one’s self and others in the event of a terrorist threat, provides practical and essential information and techniques to prepare mentally, physically and tactically for such threats and to achieve personal safety.
Individuals/civilians will find tips for turning fear into a powerful self-protection tool, steps to ensuring readiness to meet a personal safety threat, the exploration and use of the Force Continuum, and expert direction on the peak performance with a handgun as a defense weapon. Additionally, information specific to home protection/defense is presented on issues such as guns in the home for protection in the event of a home invasion and what is a “Safe Haven” and how to create one. One’s personal security is a working blend of awareness, attitude, and training which offers the confidence to go about their daily business of life and living. This book provides individuals/citizens with good basic information on personal security or defense living. The authors share a street-proven methodology designed to respond to those situations in which an attacker(s) has the ability and the opportunity to place you and your loved ones in jeopardy. The book looks at how an individual can take advantage of their strongest personal security weapons, awareness, attitude, and training in order to detect-assess-avoid-evade-counter and safely escape from those who would do an individual harm. It provides both a mental and physical side to survival.