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Delaware Videophone Network 1999 Usage Summary, October 2002

NCJ Number
Richard J. Harris; Brie Gannon; John P. O'Connell
Date Published
October 2002
71 pages
This report summarizes videophone usage patterns among various videoconferencing unit sites.
Focusing on the Delaware Videophone Network’s integrated system of video conferencing units, this report diagrams videophone usage patterns among various Delaware sites. Discussing the videoconferencing units housed in courtrooms, adult correctional facilities, police stations, Delaware State Prosecutor’s offices, Public Defender offices, juvenile detention facilities, and Delaware State centers, this report analyzes 1999 videophone usage statistics. After asserting that the Delaware videophone network was used in 1999 for arraignments, attorney-client interviews, bail/bond review or motions, capias and warrant returns, initial appearances, intake interviews, preliminary hearings, psycho-forensic evaluation, swear-to-warrants, and violations of probation hearings, the authors list the videophone locations at 59 sites statewide. Addressing videophone communication, by site, this report details various types of agencies utilizing videophone conferencing technology in 1999 including Delaware’s Superior Courts, Courts of Common Pleas, Juvenile Prisons, Family Courts, Department of Corrections, State Police, local police departments, Department of Justice, and Public Defender offices. Comprising the bulk of this report, this section on videophone communication by site presents a series of table, maps, and diagrams in order to illustrate the number of contacts per site and the interrelationship of the networked agencies.


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