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Deterring Future Incidents of Intimate Partner Violence: Does Type of Formal Intervention Matter?

NCJ Number
Violence Against Women Issue: Online Dated: November 2015
L. Broidy; D. Albright; K. Denman
Date Published
November 2015
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Since few studies have examined the comparative effectiveness of different formal interventions for domestic violence, the current study used arrest and civil protection order data in comparing three intervention scenarios (arrest, civil protection order, and both) in cases of intimate partner violence.


Study findings suggest that intervention type has no substantive influence on the odds of reoffending; however, subsequent domestic violence is significantly associated with offender age, sex, and prior offense history as well as victim age and sex. These findings and their policy implications are discussed in this article. It notes that responding agencies should be sensitive to offender and victim characteristics linked to reoffending, so that appropriate preventive action is taken. (Publisher abstract modified)