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Differentiated Case Management: Implementation Manual

NCJ Number
C Cooper; M Solomon; H Bakke
Date Published
June 1993
144 pages
This guide focuses on issues that must be addressed by jurisdictions that plan to implement a differentiated case management program.
Differentiated case management (DCM) is a technique courts can use to tailor the case management process, and thus the allocation of judicial system resources, to the needs of individual cases. Following a listing of the goals and objectives of differentiated case management, this manual identifies and discusses the benefits of a DCM program. The benefits pertain to the use of system resources, case disposition time, the quality of the judicial process, cooperation among justice-system agencies, litigation costs, and public perception of the court. An examination of the prerequisites for implementing a DCM program is followed by guidelines for planning a DCM program; these guidelines involve determining who should be involved in planning, information gathering by the DCM policy committee, and setting standards or goals for the DCM system. Remaining sections of the manual provide guidance for the design and implementation of a DCM program, the identification of critical elements of a DCM program, and the use of assessment guidelines. Appended samples of various materials and aspects of a DCM program and a list of sources for additional information