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Digest of Criminal Laws, Revised October 1, 2009

NCJ Number
Thomas C. Smith Esq.
Date Published
260 pages
This digest provides police officers with a compact, pocket-size version of criminal laws in the State of Maryland.
The Digest of Criminal Laws is intended to provide police officers with a small, convenient version of Maryland law to have available while they are on duty. Although the book includes as many relevant laws as possible, it is not inclusive of every Maryland law. References to article and section numbers are to the Annotated Code of Maryland unless otherwise indicated. It is imperative that officers read the text of any law they intend to cite, and obtain competent legal advice whenever questions arise. Due to the dynamic nature of law enforcement and the impact of court decisions and legislative changes, officers must review this information in light of current State and Federal laws and regulations, along with the department's policy and procedure. The digest is an important tool for police officers. It is divided into five sections. The first section outlines general police powers in the areas of arrest (authority), executing an arrest, searches, miscellaneous warrants, evidence, evidence obtained by electronic means, and extradition, Uniform Act. Section two briefly outlines criminal responsibility as it relates to conspiracy, accessories, proof of intent (fraud, theft, and related crimes), and infancy. Section three of the digest provides a listing of laws in alphabetical order. The last two sections provide an index by statute subject matter in alphabetical order and an index by statute.